Come and Learn the service of Metres Mambo Ezili Freda

Welcome to the sweet scented house of Mambo Ezili Freda, an extremely magickal and beautiful lwa, whose full name is actually Metres Mambo Ezili Freda Daome. All these words make references to different aspects of this beautiful lwa.

She rules over love (romantic), luxury, gambling luck, abundance, refinement, and much more. She is associated with coolness and freshness and cleanliness. She demands cleanliness in her services.

Ezili Freda is known as Metres, or mistress, because she acts more like a mistress than a wife, although she is known to have three husbands. Her three husbands are the lwa: Ogoun Feray, Danbala, and Met Agwe Tawoyo. Due to this, Metres Ezili wears three gold rings, one for each of her husbands.

Mambo Ezili Freda rules over the heart, and because of this her veve (ritual drawing) is that of a heart with beautiful detailing. She can bring romantic love to a sevite and bless him or her with the riches of love. Therefore, of course, Ezili is visualized as a most beautiful woman, a white woman with long, flowing blond hair.

Freda's Catholic counterpart is Mater Dolorosa. She is indeed a powerful lwa. She is a master magician and a great Mambo. Ezili can bring great success to her sevites, and wanga on her pwen (point) often have quick and effective successes. She rules over material success and abundance, and she often rewards her sevites with these gifts.

She dislikes women, and doesn't touch them very often when in possession. She only salutes them, giving them her pinkie fingers and crossing them in a way that is very delicate and refined. She is said to cause problems between men and women in relationships. She is jealous of women in general, and many times women may find that their problems are being caused by Metwes Ezili. But, she still has many female children and sevites (of course!) and treats them, as well as serves them, extremely well. She loves men, and hugs and kisses them. She also marries them quite often, conferring upon them gifts and blessings that she is well known for.

Don't fall into any illusions though, because as sweet and sparkly as she is, she is also a very powerful Mambo. She spoils negative wanga with her mere presence. She spoils poison too. That is why one of her nicknames is Gate Sa. She ties very powerful wanga and conducts very powerful magick. In fact, most of the magick that I conduct on Freda's point bears results in three days! When Freda wants to work, she does so and she does so extremely well.

She is very complex! She must be dealt with delicately and her services done to the T, otherwise she will refuse to help. Her service is very elegant and refined.

Her colors are white and pink. Gay men are said to be under her patronage. She loves all the good things in life. Freda is the need for perfection, the want, the desire. She always wants more, and when her needs cannot be met she falls into tears.

Mambo Ezili Freda is best served on Thursday, which is her sacred day.

Service to Mambo Ezili Freda

First things first: when you set up a space for Freda, you must remember that it must be extremely clean. Free of dust, clutter, and dirt. Vacuum the carpet, or sweep the floor, wash the walls, and dust the ceiling.

Then take a sprig of basil, a glass of water, and a white candle. Pray the Our Father and the Hail Mary, and start to sprinkle the area to be used for the altar with the water using the sprig of basil. Speak. Tell Ezili that you are cleansing this space for her service, that you want to serve her, and that you wish her presence at your service. When you are finished, throw the rest of the water out your front door, and let the candle burn out at the space you are going to be using.

The next day, remove the candle and set a low table there to use as your altar. Cover this table with a pink satin cloth and a white satin cloth. On this table place a large goblet of water. At the back of the table, or tacked to the wall, place a photo of Mater Dolorosa. Sprinkle your table with Florida water to make it fresh. Then place on the table all or some of the things that Freda loves. Things that you will offer Ezili.

Some of these things are:

  • perfume
  • basil
  • Florida water
  • gold jewelry
  • soap
  • white towels
  • cakes
  • puddings
  • rich luxurious foods
  • make-up
  • lots of pink champagne
  • pink and white cakes
  • rice cooked in cinnamon and milk
  • pink flowers
On this altar you will place three gold rings (though you do not have to) and a gold necklace. Give her a ring in exchange for a particular request.

Then go and take a bath with cool water. If you can, take a spiritual bath for Ezili Freda (find one HERE - it's at the top of the list ) This will help you invoke Ezili Freda and start you going on her same vibe. Then dress in all white, and tie your head with a white or pink kerchief.

Then go to your altar, and light your white candle. Pray the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Apostle's Creed. Then, if you know the songs for Ezili Freda, sing them. Here are some to show you the richness of this lwa:

"Ezili O Kay la mande oze (x3)
Si nen pwen dlo, oze lavek loksyon."

"Ezili O, the house needs sprinkling
If there is no water, sprinkle lotion (perfume)


"Ezili fre, li fre, li Freda (x2)
Ezili O! Li pa manje moun anko
Inosan Bondye va gade ou
Ezili Fre, li fre, li yon bel fanm
Ezili Fre, li fre, li yon fanm blanch"

"Ezili she is fresh, she is cool, she is Freda (x2)
Ezili O, she doesn't eat people anymore
God beholds her as innocent
Ezili she is fresh, she is cool, she is a beautiful woman
She is fresh, she is cool, she is a white woman

Sprinkle the area with cool water, Florida water, and Pompeii lotion. Place a white candle in the center of all the food offerings for Ezili and orient them to the four directions. Then orient all the drinks and other gifts for Ezili to the four directions. Tell Ezili they are gifts for her. Dance for Ezili.

Now is your chance to ask Ezili Freda for what you want. Explain to Ezili Freda that you have served her and given her all these beautiful gifts, and that now it is time for her to serve you. Ask for what you want, and trust that Ezili will deliver it to you.